Have you ever kissed someone you really really like and connect with and tell jokes to? & he seems so comfortable with you and totally interested in you and what your saying. Then thought it was just perfect but then you realize he kissed you but he wouldn’t hold your hand. He drove you home but he answered his phone when his friend called instead of spending those last minutes talking to you. Have you ever felt that way about someone and when you ended the date you, the GIRL had to initiate the ever so awkward ‘that was fun lets do this again sometime’ saying. Then you hop out of the car and go into your room buzzing because it felt so perfect. And you finally realize and see realistically its just me falling in love with someone, who after that never called, never anything. Id rather never date, never talk, never flirt then to have to feel that way again. The feeling of realizing it felt like he was everything to you, but you ended up being nothing to him.